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The Future Foundations of Relationships

Company, nowadays' may be easy to come across, but an exceptional love can be difficult to find... and keep.

The Top 3 Foundations for the Future of Love

  1. Trust - You'd think these are no brainers, but believe it or not, when we don't factor our brains in as the biggest determinant of who and how we love, building real, authentic trust can feel like being blindfolded at an amusement park. It's deeper than that. It's the "can you see me for who I am now? for who I'm becoming, even if I don't fully see myself there, yet?" Trust comes from psychological safety. That you won't be judged for who you're growing into. And, you can hold space for that to happen without being triggered.

  2. Depth - Love goes much deeper than just the surface. In a distracted world being able to go deep is critical to carving out the inner gunk which prevents us from truly being heard. Understanding your trauma's, your challenges, your win's and why they're there. If you can lay your guard down, and go deep with your partner, getting vulnerable and trusting they have your back in that journey, love will grow in the crevices you might've never thought would get light.

  3. Integrity - There are thousands of different choices out there, every single day. The menu of what's possible will never not be unlimited as our future societies integrate with one another. When there's integrity with self, the integrity you hold with your partner is mirrored. Too many people waste their time in relationships that aren't in alignment because they are living out of integrity with themselves. Their morals, their values, their personally defined belief system.

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