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Both Emilia and Alan were always misunderstood by most people. Nobody could understand why they’d work so hard.


Alan had always been extremely mission-driven & goal-oriented, and he never thought he’d find someone with even bigger goals and dreams than him. 


Until he met Emilia.


They met thanks to a common friend and it took them just a few dates to become inseparable.


What sparked that magic? Having the same core aspirations, core values, and core beliefs.


Such an alignment created an incredibly deep connection. They were understanding each other at a far deeper level than they’d ever experienced before.


Alan and Emilia’s relationship was so magnificent that they naturally started helping others with their relationships.


On their very 1st date, they video called their common friend to help her navigate through a problematic relationship.


That’s the very first place The We came to life.


They quickly understood that everyone is capable of having a magnificent relationship, as long as their core aspirations, core values, and core beliefs are in alignment.


Since then, they do free coaching calls with singles & couples across the world each week, host live virtual events each month & even started their own podcast, The Conscious Couples Podcast.


With The We, Alan and Emilia are committed to helping conscious couples & singles all over the world to align with themselves, each other & work more effectively as a team.


If you’re interested in learning more, please DM them on Instagram. Emilia is @evolvewithemilia & Alan is @alazaros88.


They look forward to hearing from you!

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